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  • Champion 1230 FB77WPCC
  • Champion 1230 FB77WPCC

Champion 1230 FB77WPCC

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Champion® Industrial Spark Plug

Product Details:

Champion® Iridium Spark Plug

IFISS Core Technology
Industrial Fired-In Suppressor Seal (IFISS) has been specifically designed for industrial applications. Resistance, suppression and sealing capabilities are significantly improved across temperature operating windows, providing a more robust, long-life product.

Electrode Durability
The redesigned firing end (center electrode and ground electrode) includes an enlarged copper-core, larger cross section component, and reoriented electrode surface offering cooler operating temperatures, increased spark efficiency and lengthened service life potential.

Increased Service Life
The new ‘FB’ design has been validated and field-tested on multiple OEM engine applications with various applied fuels in all regions of the world. Results have consistently shown an increase in plug run-time, hence providing longer service life options to end users.

Replaces obsolete RB77WPCC

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